Denizatı Schools Air is Safe with NEFFES

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17 Mar

Denizatı Schools Air is Safe with NEFFES

Providing education service in Ataşehir, İstanbul since 2002, Denizatı Schools preferred NEFFES Air Purifier approved by the Ministry of Health for air cleaning of closed areas, including classrooms and dining hall. A total of 123 devices were installed, 115 in the classrooms and 8 in the dining hall of Denizatı Educational Institutions. Thus, the air of the closed areas where students are collectively together become safe against harmful microorganisms. NEFFES Air Purifier purifies the air from many microorganisms, especially bacteria and fungi, with its 4-filter structure including HEPA filter and UV-C disinfection technology.

Having an effective technology to provide fresh and clean air, especially in living spaces where 100% fresh air cannot be provided, NEFFES Air Purifier makes clean and safe the air of classrooms, libraries, sports halls, cafeterias, and all other common areas in school, preventing the risk of contracting any respiratory disease.

Having proven effectiveness against fungi and bacteria with the Biocidal Product Certificate without Active Substance given by the Ministry of Health, NEFFES prevents bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from suspending in the air by means of its UV-C light system. Also, it is easier for schools that prefer NEFFES Air Cleaner, which has this certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health, to obtain the “My Clean School” project certificate.