Great Interest to NEFFES from UK

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17 Mar

Great Interest to NEFFES from UK

Produced by From, a leading company in the air-conditioning sector, with over a half-century of engineering experience and its commitment to R&D, NEFFES Antiviral Air Purifier attracts great interest from abroad.

Developed and 100% domestically produced by Form Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş to reduce the effects of pandemic and to meet the clean air demand, NEFFES has been preferred by two different institutions in UK.

Forest School London located in a 50-decare area surrounded by Epping Forest has provided high-quality education since 1834. Forest School London preferred the Form quality as a solution to the increasing clean air need due to the pandemic. The indoor closed areas in the school are sterilized with NEFFES-1000-U. 

Ionix is another institution relying on the solution by Form for indoor air cleaning. Producing special cable and equipment groups for Aviation, Military, and Medical sectors, Ionix makes production in its plants located in UK and Estonia. The indoor air of Ionix plant in the UK is sterilized with NEFFES-1000-U.

Thanks to its 4-filter structure including HEPA filter and UV-C disinfection technology to provide indoor air purification, NEFFES provides multiple protection against harmful microorganisms and deactivates fungi, bacteria, mold, particles, and microorganisms. NEFFES’s 4-filter structure purifies substances such as pollen, cigarette smoke from the air, providing all-round protection and a healthy environment.