Air Flow Pattern:

NEFFES has been designed via Computational
Fluid Dynamics Analysis to create the most effective filtration air flow. It has a unique design incorporating specially designed air outlet nozzles that enable blowing from the top and suction from the bottom, directing all particles downwards, and minimizing the risk of transmission. It provides the healthiest and safest air flow patterns in any environment.

Highly Efficient, Low Energy Consuming Fan:

EC motor fan with top-level motor technology, adjustable for 5 airflow rates. Low noise level and high efficiency. Suitable for harsh working conditions.

User Friendly Remote Controller:

You can set the air flow rate of your unit in 5 stages.
You can switch on the UV-C lamp in crowded places and
switch it off in less crowded places like your home if
You will be notified via light alarm when your pre-filter,
HEPA filter or UV-C lamp need to be replaced.

Pre-filter :

It has a Hygienically coated pre-filter capable of retaining particles larger than 10 μm. It is cassette type and removable easily. In addition, it is washable and has a long service life.

HEPA Filter:

This filter is used for high quality filtration in sensitive environments such as operation rooms and capable of eliminating the harmful organisms by 99.95 %. The NEFFES unit equipped with an automatic filter replacement level measurement system will notify you via a light alarm when your filter needs to be replaced. The HEPA filter used has standard dimensions and a new one can be easily purchased locally for replacement at an affordable cost. The HEPA filter in the NEFFES unit is in class H 13, which is extremely efficient and effective.

Carbon Filter:

It eliminates the cigarette smoke as well as the unpleasant odors like cooking odor and chemical gases in the air.

UV-C Ultraviolet Sterilization System:

UV-C Germicidal Lamps are used in disinfection applications since they emit light with a wavelength of 250-264 nanometers, which is the most effective kind in the elimination of harmful microorganisms like viruses. The system in the NEFFES unit provides the healthiest and safest air since no Ozone (O3) is produced due to stable radiation. The efficiency of the UV-C light is increased by 64 % by coating the interior part of the unit with silver-plated reflective plates. The useful life of the UV-C Germicidal lamp is 9,000 hours. The unit is equipped with a light alarm system which indicates that your UV-C lamp needs to be replaced.

HBoth American ASHRAE and European REHVA Associations have noted that UV-C light is an important factor in combating the Covid-19 and recommended its use where necessary. The commission, which was established jointly by all air conditioner associations under the chairmanship of the MMO (Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers), recommends room filters incorporating HEPA filter and UV-C light against Covid-19 for any kind of applications as an additional measure.

DNA-RNA breaking effect of UV-C light